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Our goal with RennFix and Your Car Care Companion  is to provide great part fixes and effective instruction designed to boost your confidence, and your knowledge enough for you to successfully perform basic services on your car yourself, safely and save money.​You have many options for learning.  You can browse here on our website for tips and resources for car parts.  You can visit our YouTube channel to see how procedures are done, or you can purchase our book to use after you've watched our YouTube safety, informational, and D.I.Y. videos.

Welcome to RennFix and Your Car Care Companion. We put your safety and your family’s safety and well being first.  We invite you to join the "club" of confident and capable do-it-yourselfers, peruse our pages, and watch our YouTube videos on safety, information on how the different systems in your car work, and do-it-yourself (DIY) procedures.

Over the years Clint has helped many friends, family members, and co-workers with car maintenance information and repair issues. He has also trained some to become full mechanics themselves. This passion for cars, teaching, and helping friends and relatives with car problems inspired Clint to write this book and develop training classes to help people get started learning how to service and maintain their cars for smooth, efficient and safe operation. If you are a beginner and purchased this Book for these reasons, you are on the right track and can potentially learn a lot and save money doing it. Be safe and have fun!