About Us

The Do-it-Yourself procedures will guide you step-by-step through many basic vehicle services that you can do yourself.  Each of these chapters have safety reminders and as with "Safety First" and "How-it-works" there are videos of each of these procedures on our YouTube channel as well.

Hand in hand with safety is a well rounded understanding of how the different systems in your car work.  As with the Safety videos, we urge you to watch these "How-it-works" videos before attempting to do any service or maintenance procedure that you are not familiar with.

Above all that we have to offer on this site, safety is by far the most important topic covered.  To support this website and our book are YouTube videos for many of the most important areas of safety.  Please watch all safety videos before attempting and DIY service or maintenance procedure. Thank you.

Our founder and CEO, Clint Hightower, has more than 30 years of experience as an  Automotive, Mechanical and Aerospace engineer. 

Clint Worked his way through college as an automotive and diesel mechanic. After graduating with his B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he worked for several years as an aerospace engineer. He then went on to work as a mechanical engineer for a consulting firm.  His last engineering position was as a automotive engineer for the California Highway Patrol. Now he has developed this easy to follow personal car maintenance program in the form of a book in hard copy, Kindle eBook, and supporting YouTube videos, so that anyone who wants to, can learn to perform simple services on their car.